Pop Bowl is an expandable salad bowl that allows you to freshly toss your salad without making a mess. Easily stack, pack, wash and reuse your Pop Bowl.

PopBowl Lightweight


Eating Healthy Just Got A Whole Lot Easier

You’ve committed to eating healthy. And a healthy salad on the go is the perfect choice. But there’s a problem. The containers are bulky. There’s no good way to mix in your dressing. The lettuce spills out the sides and you have a mess on your desk. Don’t give up on eating healthy.

A Gourmet Salad Experience Every Time

Many people strive to eat healthier by packing salads for meals on the go. The problem is most containers aren’t made for salads. Pop Bowl is an expandable salad bowl that allows you to toss and eat your fresh salad without making a mess.

No mess + simple cleanup
Use less dressing
Easy to pack and carry
Good-for-the-environment packaging

3 Simple Steps To A Freshly Tossed Salad


Simply expand the bowl by pulling on the specially designed base.


Add your favorite dressing (use the convenient dressing cup!).


Enjoy a freshly tossed salad for the premium salad experience.

Now There’s A Better Way to Pack And Eat Salads On the Go

A restaurant owner for 25 years, Pop Bowl creator Jay Ferro has served millions of freshly tossed salads to his customers. But he knew eating salads on the go could be messy and annoying. So, Jay invented Pop Bowl – the simple solution for salads on the go.

Healthy Eating Minus the mess

“I really enjoyed the concept of the Pop Bowl! It was sized just right and allowed me to easily mix my salad! Loved this product!”

Steve H.

“The Pop Bowl is a great way to store + toss a salad without making a mess. I love it!”

Serena W.

“Pop Bowl is a game changer! Finally a to-go container that is practical & environmentally friendly!”

Gabby M.

Affordable, Reusable
And Easy To Use

Choose from one of our many colors. Order your Salad Kit with 4 Pop Bowls and dressing containers for just $25. Then, head to the kitchen to mix up your favorite salad ingredients.

  • Freshly tossed salad with no mess or cleanup

  • Lightweight and easy to carry in a backpack or purse

  • Simply wash and reuse your bowl

  • Ideal for packing a healthy lunch for every family member

  • Use less dressing when it’s distributed evenly over your salad

Your Salad Solution

Stackable Design

Pop Bowl is perfect for meal prep. The patented collapsible design stacks easily in the refrigerator.

On-the-go Packable Functionality

The lightweight and compact functionality make it easy for your Pop Bowl to fit like a book in your bag.

Designed To Keep Your Salad Fresh

The high-quality material and airtight seal keep your salad fresh and leak-free during transportation.

It’s Not Just The Lettuce That’s Green

Made in the USA, your Pop Bowl is BPA free, recyclable and dishwasher-safe so you can simply wash and reuse.

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Choose Your Favorite Colors






Repurpose Your Salad Bowl

Not only is your Pop Bowl perfect for on-the-go lunches, the bowl is uniquely designed so you can spin it on your finger like a basketball. Or, turn it upside down and use it as a Frisbee. Come up with new tricks and impress your friends, it’s fun for the whole family!