Deliver a Fresh New Salad Experience

Pop Bowl is an expandable bowl that lets your customers easily toss their own to-go salads whenever they’re ready to eat.

Compact + stackable
environmentally friendly
Patent Protected
Affordable for Foodservice

The First Expandable Take-out Bowl For The Foodservice Industry

Consumers are eating healthier so restaurants and grocery stores are offering more premium salad options. The problem is maintaining the same food quality and presentation when serving salads to go. Pop Bowl is an easy-to-use expandable salad bowl that makes your salads shine.

Delight your customers with the perfect on-the-go salad container:

No mess + simple cleanup
 Fast and easy to prepare salads
 Freshly tossed salads when they’re ready to eat
 Good-for-the-environment packaging
 Easy to pack and carry

Give Customers A Gourmet Salad Experience Every Time

Serving your salads in Pop Bowls creates the perfect solution for grab-n-go salads, restaurant take-out salads, delivery services and more.

A restaurant owner for 25 years, Pop Bowl creator Jay Ferro has served millions of freshly tossed salads to his customers. But he knew eating salads on the go could be messy and annoying. So, Jay invented Pop Bowl – the simple solution for salads on the go.

Made of recycled PET materials, Pop Bowl’s patented design and competitive pricing make it ideal for foodservice providers.

Now, restaurants and foodservice providers just like yours have a new way to serve salads

Our customers really appreciate not having to choose between a soggy salad or making a mess trying to toss their to go salad. With Pop Bowls they get a great salad experience whenever they want it.

Jeremy Peterson, Operations Manager, Kyle’s Kitchen Restaurants     

3 Simple Steps To A Fresly Tossed Salad


Simply expand the bowl by pulling on the specially designed base.


Add your favorite dressing (use the convenient dressing cup!).


Enjoy a freshly tossed salad for the premium salad experience.

A Solution For Every Salad

Pop Bowl’s expandable design makes it perfect for all kinds of foodservice businesses. Increase your salad sales by offering your customers a better container.

Take Out Salads

Delivery Servies

Grab-n-go Salads

Grocery Stores
Coffee Shops

Salad Bar Replacements

School Cafeterias
Grocery Stores

Healthy Eating Minus the mess

“The Pop Bowl is a great way to store + toss a salad without making a mess. I love it!”

Serena W.

“Pop Bowl is a game changer! Finally a to-go container that is practical & environmentally friendly!”

Gabby M.

“I really enjoyed the concept of the Pop Bowl! It was sized just right and allowed me to easily mix my salad! Loved this product!”

Steve H.

It’s So Simple 

To Add Pop Bowls to Your Foodservice Environment

Step 1

Make your salads in Pop Bowl’s collapsed mode, just like you would with your existing salad containers.

That’s It!

There is no Step 2, your customers will do the rest themselves.

Set An Industry Standard

Your customers will thank you

Seamlessly integrate Pop Bowl containers into your current foodservice environment and watch salad sales soar. Customers will be quick to grab salads they can toss in a bag and eat on the go with no mess or fuss.

  Freshly tossed salad with no mess or cleanup

  Easy to carry in a backpack or purse

  Perfect amount of dressing every time 

  Environmentally friendly packaging

 Increase salad sales & average check

 Compact, stackable & space saver

 Premium quality and presentation every time

 Save labor costs & improve service speed

It’s Not Just The Lettuce That’s Green

Made with premium recycled materials, pop bowls are good for your consumers and the environment.


Great for serving in the restaurant or for  take-out salads.


Premium Recycled PET allows your customers to re-use their Pop Bowls several times


Do right by the environment and easily recycle or repurpose.

Choose the Perfect Pop Bowl for Your Salads

One size bowl and two lid options deliver salads from 24-48 oz. 

Product Dimensions

Custom Lid Options

Available for large quantity orders


Customize the height of the lid to create your perfect size salad


With most of your customers reusing their Pop Bowl, have your logo embossed on the lid.


Whether for grab-n-go or for branding purposes, create your own custom labels for the lid (no minimums necessary).

Save Your Customers From Soggy Salads

Don’t miss out on salad sales because your customers are frustrated by your to-go containers. Package your salad in a Pop Bowl, the first easy-to-use expandable salad bowl that makes salads shine.