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We know more and more people want to eat healthy. One of the easiest ways to eat healthy on the go is with a fresh salad. Unfortunately, most containers aren’t made for salads. They’re bulky. There’s no good way to mix in your dressing. The lettuce tumbles out the sides. Don’t give up on eating healthy. Pop Bowl is an expandable salad bowl that .that allows your customers to freshly toss their salad without making a mess.

“It was obvious that consumers needed a better way to freshly toss their salads on the go.”

Jay Ferro – Inventor of Pop Bowl

The Journey To A Fresh
New Salad Experience

A restaurant owner for 25 years, Jay Ferro knew the problem too well. He’s served millions of freshly tossed salads to happy customers when they dined in the restaurant. But he struggled to create the same premium experience for the growing number of customers who want salads for take-out or delivery.

So, Jay invented Pop Bowl – the simple solution for salads on the go.

Jay’s NEVER GIVE UP attitude eventually allowed him to create an expandable salad bowl so we can all enjoy a freshly tossed salad when we want it.

6 Engineers 

34 Prototypes

10+ years


His journey to find a solution to this problem lasted over a decade, involved 6 different engineering companies, and 34 prototypes.

“I must have been told a dozen times by different engineers that it wasn’t possible for materials to move the way we needed,” Jay recalls. “Every time they told me it was ‘never gonna work’ it just motivated me to try harder.”

Jay’s NEVER GIVE UP attitude eventually allowed him to create an expandable salad bowl using environmentally friendly materials, so that grocery stores and restaurants like his can serve their salads in a better bowl.


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We’re On A Mission To Make Healthy Eating Fun + Easy

We do this by creating a simple collapsible salad bowl that allows your customers to freshly toss their salad without making a mess.

Shaking the bowl is fun, and a well tossed salad with fresh and healthy ingredients just tastes better.

Our Founder

Jay Ferro has spent his entire life finding ways to help people live healthier lives. From restaurants, to nutritional software solutions, and now to Pop Bowl, Jay’s personal journey has a common theme.

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In 1995, right after graduating from the University of California at Santa Barbara (UCSB), Jay opened up Silvergreens Salad House, the first of its kind salad restaurant. “Don’t get me wrong,” Jay remembers, “I loved my pizza and burritos while I lived in Isla Vista (home to UCSB students), but there just weren’t any healthy places to eat.” Silvergreens has enjoyed 25 years of serving salads to the community.

In 2004, Jay founded Nutricate (meaning to “nutritionally educate”), a software company based on patents he was issued that enabled personalized nutrition information to print on restaurant receipts. “With Nutrition Fact labels, customers knew what they were eating from grocery store purchases, but they had no idea when they dined out.” Nutricate’s groundbreaking solution soon became branded as Smart Receipt as new marketing features were developed in the software. The company grew to serve over 20,000 foodservice locations and was acquired by Mobivity in 2014.

Also in 2014, Jay and his family founded Kyle’s Kitchen (www.kyleskitchen.com), a new socially conscious restaurant that was inspired by his son Kyle, who was born with special needs. “I was inspired by Tom’s Shoes mission and business model,” Jay recalls “and wanted to find a way to introduce a socially responsible business model to the restaurant industry.” Kyle’s Kitchen quickly grew into a community favorite, not only for its great burgers and salads, but also for its giving back commitment.

Now with 4 locations in the Santa Barbara area, Kyle’s Kitchen partners with local special needs organizations in the community. Not only do they donate a portion of their proceeds, they also create an awareness for these great organizations that support disadvantaged kids like Kyle. Kyle’s Kitchen has won many awards in the community, including “Best Restaurant” and “Most Innovative Business”, and has given back over $200,000 to the special needs community.

Jay grew up in the Pacific Northwest and counts the Seattle Seahawks and Portland Trailblazers among his favorite sports teams. Jay graduated from the UCSB in Business Economics, with high honors and distinction in the major. Today, Jay lives in Santa Barbara, California with his wife Deena, and four kids, Kyle, Paige, Ava and Ember.